Buy recipe books, ingredients, accessories, etc

I'm not aiming to have a huge store of products you can buy from me. I'd rather direct you to a great website or shop I've found that sells products or has recipes to make your own low-tox  and natural products.

Low-Tox DIY Recipe Books

The Inspired Little Pot

One of my favourite websites for DIY low-tox recipes. You can find it here.

Low-Tox DIY Products

There are a number of places I recommend to source low-tox products. Some have recipes and sell ingredients for you to make your own products. Others are either physical or online shops.


Jewellery, Diffusers, Oil Stands, and other Accessories

Looking for jewellery you can wear to diffuse your oils? Do you just want to find a diffuser that's a bit different? Maybe you're looking for a stand to show off your oils?

Check out my recommendations for jewellery here and for oil stands here.

Diffusers are TBA.