Natures Solution Kit

The world we live in these days is so overloaded with toxins and chemicals, additives, preservatives - they're in the foods we eat; the air we breathe; our paints, carpets, cleaning products. With modern convenience, comes modern ailments.

Would you like to learn about some natural products that may help support your body, your health and wellbeing? dōTERRA essential oils are 100% certified pure tested grade oils. They've made such a difference to my own health and wellbeing that I just want to share them with others so you, too, can experience the difference.

Come along to an Introduction to Essential Oils and find out for yourself. Suitable for anyone looking to:

  • reduce toxins and chemicals in your home (eg cleaning and personal products, creepy crawly issues)
  • boost the flavour and nutrition of your food
  • support your immune system, particularly in times of seasonal stress
  • support other areas of your body such as your gut, muscles, skin blemishes, bites/stings, sleep, energy and so on

These oils are fabulous both at home and in the workplace to help create a healthy environment.

If you don't know anything or a just a little about essential oils, then this class is for you. If you're curious to learn a litle about how they can benefit you and your family, then do come along*.

You will:

  • learn about supporting your health and wellbeing with certified pure tested grade essential oils
  • take away some information and samples to try out
  • have fun

Refreshments are provided - please let me know if you have any dietary requirements.

*Note: This event is not suitable for children; however, nursing mothers are very welcome.

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