Why Living Well?

I’ve had a few health issues over the past few years – being diagnosed coeliac, having breast cancer, mild diabetes, and a fatty liver, not to mention the chronic issues I’ve had for years like asthma, eczema, perennial hayfever and the ‘I’m getting older’ complaints so many of us suffer from like back, muscular and joint pain… you get the drift.

So, I have been working hard to improve my health because I believe that the older you get, the healthier you need to be to maintain your quality of life and live a long and happy life.

A major part of my health improvement regime has been to reduce my exposure to toxins, particularly in my home – the environment over which I have the most control. I’ve changed my cleaning products; body products; cosmetics; perfumes; the food I eat, the way I cook, the utensils I use in the kitchen, and the way I store foods; the water I drink; the products I use for pest control… there are just so many ways I’ve been able reduce my toxic load.

Not only has my health improved but I know I’m also making a difference to the global environment by reducing my use of plastics, using ecologically sustainable products, recycling, and using natural products rather than chemicals and products which are dangerous for my health.

I now use pure, natural essential oils and products made from these every day. I source recipes for food, cleaning, body care, and other products I use around my home from a range of providers and websites. 

You can find out what I use, where I source these from and how you too can bring these into your life by browsing my website.